Dinner Specials Sunday November 17 4 pm to 9 pm Seafood Basilica Peper Steak White Clam Pasta Baked Stuffed Shells Grilled Lemon Chicken Grilled Beef Kabob Pan-Seared Cod Fried Oyster Sandwich Rosemary Chicken Crab & Rib Combo Sauteed Catfish


Dinner Specials Saturday, November 16 5pm – 10pm Sweet Potato Crusted Salmon Baby Back Ribs Pan Seared Cod Grilled Beef Kebab Grilled Lemon Chicken Bakes Stuffed Shells Fried Oyster Platter Steak & Crab Cake White Clam Pasta Pepper Steak Seafood … Read More


Lunch Specials Saturday, November 16 11am – 3pm Turkey Carver Sandwich Rattlesnake Cheesesteak Welsh Burger Beef Brisket Sandwich Cowboy Grilled Cheese Grilled Irish Banger Grilled Beyond Burger Irish Oatmeal Southwest Chicken Ciabatta Call For Details


Dinner Specials Friday November 15 5 pm to 10 pm OYSTER STEW!!!! Seafoood Basilica Pepper Steak White Clam Pasta Steak & Crabcake Fried Cheese Curd Salad Fried Oyster Platter Baked Stuffed Shells Grilled Lemon Chicken Grilled London Broil Grilled Beef … Read More

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